Introducing My Child. My Choice.

After many months of work, we’re excited to welcome you to My Child. My Choice. Here’s what we’re all about:

My Child. My Choice. is directed by leaders of color with decades of experience in Connecticut’s public schools and communities. Our board is made up of educators, elected leaders, faith leaders, and parents. Several of our members were once card-carrying members of local teachers unions.

Our board members are united in the belief that the education crisis facing children of color is a tragedy that demands a crisis response from our elected leaders. We believe that children of color have been systematically denied access to a quality education as part of a broader system of oppression in this country, including here at home in Connecticut. Our state is home to the largest opportunity gap in the country, due in no small part to a status quo system that protects – and even rewards – the bigotry of low expectations for Black and Brown children.

So what can we do about it?

  1. We need you to get involved. It’s time for parents, educators, and community leaders to come together and say “enough is enough”. That is the mission of My Child. My Choice. – to disrupt this unacceptable status quo and demand better for our children. So please take a few minutes to invite three friends to sign up for our email list, and Like us on Facebook. We need your help to build this movement.
  2. We need to fight to make sure money follows our kids from one public school to another. Right now, when parents choose a public charter school for their kids, they lose out on thousands of dollars in state funding that rightfully belongs to their children. We have to speak out about this injustice so that our elected leaders hear us.

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll share more ways you can help to ensure that all our children get the education they deserve. But for now – welcome. We’re very excited to start this work with you.