About - My Child My Choice

Who We Are

My Child. My Choice. is directed by leaders of color with decades of experience in Connecticut's public schools and communities. Our board is made up of educators, elected leaders, faith leaders, and parents. Several of our members were once card-carrying members of local teachers unions.

Our board members are united in the belief that the education crisis facing children of color is a tragedy that demands a crisis response from our elected leaders. We believe that children of color have been systematically denied access to a quality education as part of a broader system of oppression in this country, including here at home in Connecticut. Our state is home to the largest opportunity gap in the country, due in no small part to a status quo system that protects - and even rewards - the bigotry of low expectations for Black and Brown children.

It's time for parents, educators, and community leaders to come together and speak out against this system. To stand up and say "enough is enough". That is the mission of My Child. My Choice. - to disrupt this unacceptable status quo and demand better for our children.

Our Board

Dr. Steve Perry

Dr. Steve Perry is a change agent who is tireless in his fight for providing equal and competitive opportunities for children who otherwise would not have a voice.


Dr. Charlene Reid

Dr. Charlene Reid is the CEO of Excellence Community Schools, a charter management organization with schools in the Bronx, NY and Stamford, CT.


Pastor William McCullough

Pastor William McCullough is an influential leader who has served with excellence and integrity throughout his 20 years of ministry.


State Senator Douglas McCrory

Doug McCrory was elected with the promise of continued accountability and accessibility as the State Senator for the 2nd district.


George Parker

George is an education consultant and former senior fellow at StudentsFirst Institute.


Ruben Felipe

Ruben has nearly two decades of campaign experience in CT on municipal, state & federal levels. A father of four, his passion for educational equity was sparked by experiences growing up in Brooklyn.